David Hall Woodworking

About David Hall

About David Hall

After 40 years working as an engineer, with woodwork as a hobby to be pursued when time permitted, retirement has enabled David to engage more actively in his love of woodworking.

As the son of a builder, David was exposed to woodworking skills and tools from an early age. Access to these and a practical requirement for furniture that couldn’t otherwise be afforded served as the impetus for his initial efforts at making objects that were both practical and aspirational.

Over the years his skills and aesthetics have been refined through practice and exposure to other woodworkers. He is a life member and past president of the Victorian Woodworkers Association, the earliest and now the largest organization in Victoria catering to both professional and amateur woodworkers.
Whilst appreciating the finest of hand tools, David is a pragmatic user of power tools where they can be controlled and manipulated by the user for the best outcome.

Most of David’s output is in a contemporary style and always of his own design but he has and can undertake commissions for more traditional work. He has a preference for Australian timbers wherever possible and has undertaken work utilizing recycled timbers.

Now living in north east Victoria, David is producing a small but steady output of hand crafted furniture that goes beyond the soulless product so often seen with production line manufacture.