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Box 84

With a drop in lid featuring a stunning book matched Myrtle burl veneer, this is a mid-sized box for all sorts of small objects that you may wish to store. The Myrtle top matches the tone and texture of the clear Sassafras used in the box body.

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Box 85

Book matched Myrtle lid and matching the Huon box body and internal dividers make this larger sized box a very special one for the storage of all sorts of treasured items. The wooden dowelled hinge provides a point of difference to many other designs that employ conventional brass hinges.

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Box 92

This is small box with a drop in lid that can be used for small objects like rings, earrings or perhaps a small watch. Alternatively display it as an item in its own right with it’s striking combination of grains and colours.

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Pen Holder 11

A special storage for a special pen in pride of place on your desk. The box is finished with multiple coats of blond shellac to provide protection and to maximise grain clarity. Over the shellac, ‘Renaissence Wax’ gives a satin sheen, better protection from fingerprints and a soft smoothness to the touch.

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Box 96

A large box designed to function as a document storage, able to accommodate A4 size paper and with lift out trays, pen holder and USB stick holder. Alternatively, the box could also be used for many other purposes.

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Box 97

This box is a variation on other designs that I have done with less than full width lids, this one featuring a pair of book matched lids with side mounted wooden hinges. A central drawer provides space for smaller items.

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