David Hall Woodworking

Elegant, hand crafted, contemporary furniture

David Hall Woodworking, Hand Crafted Chair

Craftsmanship, fine materials & modern design

David Hall Woodworking, furniture that can be passed down through generations.

David Hall Woodworking, Hand Crafted Reclaimed Timber & Glass Table


Jewellery, Pens, Watch Cases, Documents, Special Collections. All Custom Crafted

David Hall Woodworking, Hand Crafted Veneer Jewellrey & Trinket Box

Our build quality is set to a high standard right from the beginning.

Hand Crafted Boxes

A beautiful box is a wonderful personal treasure chest for all sorts of small objects that you may wish to store in a special way or have at hand for daily use.

Most of my boxes utilise contrasting species with the lid as the feature point. Sometimes highly figured veneer is employed. Styling is simple and contemporary. Every box is unique in dimensions, materials and design depending on what is available.



Whether it is a beautiful table, a cabinet, a special chair or some other piece there is a satisfaction in a bespoke piece of furniture made for you and for your own purposes. Such objects make a very personal statement about the owner and their lifestyle, usually have a lifetime well beyond the first owner and serve as a reflection of a life lived for future generations.

Sourced from timbers that vary from select Australian species, traditional furniture boards or recycled materials with their 'warts and all' flaws complemented by the beauty and craftsmanship of the finished piece.


There is an increasing awareness on the importance of sustainable resources. While there can be debate about what is trully sustainable and how that can best be demonstrated, there is no doubt that we all have a responsibility to minimise the impact of what we do in utilising materials  For the woodworker this can include the use of locally sourced timber whenever possible, maximising the utilisation of boards that we have, the use of recycled timber and designing/making objects that have a lifespan beyond the maker and the current owner.