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Handmade Australian Wooden Boxes

Hand Crafted Boxes

(Image shown above: hand crafted wood and glass coffee table and wood and veneer jewellery box)

There is always a reluctance by woodworkers to discard those small offcuts that inevitably result from making larger objects – they are just too beautiful to waste. So when I started making boxes, I began to draw on years of accumulation and provide myself with justification for having kept all those small pieces of timber. As the offcuts have dwindled, select boards, highly figured veneers and recycled timber have been utilised.

Styling is simple and contemporary. Every box is unique with dimensions, materials and design varying depending on purpose and what materials are available.

A nice box is a wonderful personal treasure chest for all sorts of small objects. Use them to store treasured items or as stand-alone items on display for their own sake.

Hand Made Box Examples

Click on a smaller image to view the detail in a larger photograph. All boxes have been created by David in his workshop. If you are interested in
obtaining a piece of his work please visit our contact page to send David an email or contact by telephone.

Pen Cases

The perfect gift; hand crafted pen cases. Click on a small image to view a much larger image showing the detail in these hand crafted pen cases. For more information or to order one of these pen cases please visit our contact page where you can contact David by email or by telephone.